2014年 3月 の投稿一覧

Important but Not Urgent

Yesterday I wrote a programming code 12 hours straight. I have more tasks than usual for now, because I went on a graduation trip for 11 days and just came back home 6 days ago. As always, these weekdays I was engaged in working, going to the gym and learning foreign languages. I make it a rule to deal with my To-Do list on Saturday and Sunday, so that I can batch them and concentrate on my typical habits and projects on workdays. However, this weekend I didn’t have enough time to get things done because of a pile of urgent errands. That’s why I was extremely busy yesterday and I still have the untouched To-Do list now.

Today I woke up at 10:30 with an idea related to the program I dedicated to last night. This may be because I was thinking about it in a dream (nightmare?). So I immediately started to work this morning. But after improving the program for 2 hours, I gradually noticed that my brain had no more space to work and I became short of concentration. It meant the working memory of my brain was almost full because I didn’t try to organize my thoughts, tasks, schedules, ideas and current situation. While working, whether I realized it or not, I was thinking what I should do next and what would be important for me. Therefore I stopped working and left for the gym to release my brain from chaos. After beating a punching bag repeatedly, I returned home and began to make my messed-up mind clear.

One of the ways to know where I am is doing something Important but Not Urgent. Before we start to do this, it is necessary to think what are important for us. I usually invest part of my time and money in myself. So what should I do next? I have an answer; I shall give something precious to others. This sounds weird because I am a man who don’t want to get involved with people so much. This is not because I hate them, but because I would rather concentrate on what I want to do without distraction from others. I closed my facebook account and deleted almost all of contacts from my phone. As a result, I get more time to spend for more important things. I never want to spare the time to stay with someone who are trivial, not precious for me. Instead, I am willing to help, cheer and say thank you to my friends, family, girlfriend and other people around me I really love, who also consider me with warm affection. So this evening I sent messages to them and said, “How’s going?”, “Hey, what’s up?”, “Let’s drink next time!”. In fact, I have my own traditions and philosophy of social relationship; “Don’t drink with others whom you can’t have a good time with without drinking”, “Keep in contact with your loved ones even if you and they trust each other at all”, but the most important attitude is “To be honest”.

After chatting with my friends, любимой девушкой and family, now I recognize where I’m going again. These good habits always spur me into my own projects without looking back over the past and being anxious about dying with regrets for not staying with my precious ones. I could carry out my Important but Not Urgent things. That’s why lots of tasks still remain even now.



注文するのにとても時間がかかったのに荷物のほうはEMSですぐ届いた。TOEIC, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT等々、韓国の書籍にも優れた参考書・問題集があると聞いたので試しに購入してみた次第です。中国・韓国のこういった各種資格・入学試験への熱(市場)は日本以上に成熟しているものがあり、ときに精巧な試験対策の功罪なのか見かけの点数に比べ全く英語ができない留学生が米国の一流大学に潜り込んでしまうとかしないとか。その背景には日本以上の熾烈な競争社会とグローバルエリート志向があるのだろうな。近年流行りのフィリピン語学留学も現地の学校は韓国資本のものが多いし。数日前まで卒業旅行に出かけていてセブ島・マクタン島にも数日間滞在したが、やはり現地の遊ぶところで出会うのは韓国人の学生が多かった。というかどこの国に行ってもサムスンとヒュンダイを見かけるし、どこの宿に泊まっても韓国人に出会う。翻って日本と日本人のことを考えてみると、いま話題の移民受け入れは日本という国では特に難しい気もするし、逆転の発想で移民受け入れのリスク(例えば労働市場の激変)とグローバル化の流れ(あるいは移民政策が定着せず人口減少に歯止めがかからずガラパゴス市場が縮小するというシナリオ)を考慮して自分たち日本人がいつでも外に出られる準備をしておくことが肝要なんじゃないですかね、と思ってもいないことを書いてみる。Anyway, 英語圏の大学に留学したいと考えている人は、韓国の予備校とか教材をうまく活用したらいいんじゃないかというのが今日言いたかったこと。授業が英語で行われていればの話だけど。参考書・問題集を選ぶときも解説が英語のものを選んでください。個人的にはハングル勉強したいけど。ソウルは気に入っている都市のひとつなのでいつか住んでみたい。


Macで仮想化ソフトを使ってWindows動かしているけど、Parallels DesktopとVMware Fusionの両方を使ったことがある自分としては後者のほうが動きが良くて気に入っている。